11 Adorable Type of Fish for Aquascape in Assorted Sizes

11 Adorable Type of Fish for Aquascape in Assorted Sizes – Why do you have to learn which type of fish for aquascape is the right one? There are some reasons. First, some fish might be too large for your fish tank. Second, there are fishes that create so much waste and require more often cleaning which takes much of your time. Third, several fishes love tearing up and eating aquarium plants. You don’t want them to destroy your aquascape, do you?

When choosing fishes for your aquascape, make sure you pick the small ones and medium ones. The best ones are Rasboras, Tetras, and Danios which the size is just between one and two inches. Those fishes also provide color burst but don’t impact your aquascape plants. However, they will give a little more carbon dioxide along with nitrogenous fertilizer. What are other fishes you can get? Here they are.

Small and Medium Type of Fish for Aquascape

1. Livebearers

Livebearers Fish List
Livebearers Fish List ( Source : Pinterest )

Livebearer fishes like Mollies, Swordtails, Platies, and Guppies are excellent choice for your aquascape. With live plants in your aquascape (such as Micro Sword Plants and Java Moss), the fishes’ babies can even have better live chance. Those fishes will require at 10 gallons aquarium size to live. However, they’re truly easy to maintain.

2. Tetras

Tetras Fish
Tetras ( Source : Ikanesia.id )

Tetras are carnivorous, schooling, come with bright colors, and small. Perfect fishes for aquascape. The neon colors of tetras would complete the aquascape’s plants that usually have browns, greens, and dark reds. Fill your aquarium with Congo Tetra that comes from Africa, Neon Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Rummy Nose Tetra, and Gold Tetra and see how gorgeous your aquascape will be.

3. Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami
Dwarf Gourami ( Source : Ikanesia.id )

Gourami loves a place with warmer temperature but has no current or just little current. There’s Electric Blue Dwarf Gourami, Albino Honey Gourami, Chocolate Gourami, Sparkling Gourami, and Pearl Gourami that are save for your aquascape’s plants. Paradise Fish and Bettas won’t destroy the plants too but the males usually are territorial. Be careful with both types.

4. Rasboras

Rasboras Fish ( Source : Ikanesia.id )
Rasboras Fish ( Source : Ikanesia.id )

Most loved rasboras is Chili Rasbora. They have vibrant scarlet color that’s so attractive even though their size is mini. Also fill your tank with some other Rasboras like Scissortail Rasbora and Harlequin Rasbora. The maintenance required by this fish is low and they only need minimum five gallons sized fish tank because of their small size.

5. Dwarf Cichlids

Dwarf Cichlids
Dwarf Cichlids ( Source : dwarfcichlids )

Some Cichlids surely dangerous for the plants in your aquascape. However, some others are good for fish tanks with living plants. Yep, the dwarf ones. Blue Ram for example, it is hardy fish that loves to breed in your planted aquascape. There’s also Apistogramma that can live along with tiniest shrimp and fish. Though Apistogramma will dig to prepare the spawn, they won’t destroy plants.

6. Killifish

Killifish ( Source : Ikanesia.id )

The right Killifish to have in aquascape is including Striped Panchax, American Flagfish, and Nothobranchius. They have bold color and require easy care. To fill aquascape, pick Bluefin Notho, Lyretail Panchax, and Banded Panchax. Their size is just two inches and they will work well with other fishes and the living plants in the tank.

7. Dwarf Catfish

Dwarf Catfish, Otocinclus
Dwarf Catfish, Otocinclus ( Source : Google )

Corydoras are included in Dwarf Catfish that’s attractive because of their beautiful color. Corydoras is also sociable and peaceful, perfect criteria for aquascape where there are some other fishes. Otocinclus are even much cuter. Those Dwarf Otos love to socialize with other fishes. They won’t eat plants that have soft leaves. If they don’t have friends, they would hide between the plants.

8. Freshwater Shrimp

Freshwater Shrimp
Freshwater Shrimp ( Source : Ikanesia.id )

Freshwater Shrimp is just two inches and they look so beautiful. They eat alae but won’t harm plants. Bamboo Shrimp will even pick out plankton’s fine particles and flake foods that are powdered. If you want a Bumblebee Shrimp, you need to prepare fish tank that the pH, temperature, and water hardness is proper since it is really sensitive. Get these cute shrimps in your tank now.

9. Freshwater Snails

Freshwater Snails
Freshwater Snails ( Source : Google )

Be careful when considering snails for your fish tank because some species like Ramshorn Snails breed often and fulfill your tank. Pick Assassin Snails which are carnivorous so they won’t eat your plants. Nerite Snails can also be a great choice since they eat algae. They’re also stunning because of the rich colors, spikes on their house, and the bold stripes they own.

Aquascape Aquarium with Fish

What you just read are some small type of fish for aquascape. It is okay if you want to add fishes that are a bit bigger than those fishes. But what fishes? Here are best fishes in bigger size you can consider.

10. Discus

Discus Fish ( Source : ikanesia.id )

Discus come from blackwater environments especially in basin of Amazon. In their origin place, they love to school together then dart on water weeds and on the roots of flooded tree. Discus have mini mouths that are used to pluck small fishes and invertebrates. They cannot dig and tear up your plants. Pick Blue Discus to make your aquascape looks more colorful and fresher.

11. Angelfish

Angelfish Altum
Angelfish, Altum ( Source Ikanesia.id )

Angelfishes is special since they will breed on Amazon Swords’ leaves and on other plants with broad leaves. They’re beautiful citizens in your planted aquascape. However, they need tropical temperatures between 75 degrees and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Common Angelfish that the size is 8 inches will complete your planted aquascape with lots of living plants.

There are some fishes you shouldn’t place inside aquascape if you love the plants in there so much. One of them is Scats. They love brackish water more than freshwater. Besides, Scats will consume the living plants you have grown in the aquascape. And there’s Silver Dollar Fish. This fish grows big and loves eating big sized living plants easily and quickly.

Finally, there’s Goldfish that might be hard to keep especially if your aquarium doesn’t have adequate space for them. Goldfish grows big and need dissolved oxygen in high level. Goldfishes will also eat all kind of plants your place in your tank. If you really want goldfishes in the aquascape with the other type of fish for aquascape, find plants that will grow quickly to anticipate if your Goldfish destroys them all.


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