11 Type of Bird Pets New Bird Lovers Must Consider

11 Type of Bird Pets New Bird Lovers Must Consider – We all have our own interest. Mine is dog, my friend’s is cat, and yours might be bird pet. Just like dogs, birds come in thousand species. You will have to choose one, or two, to be your own bird pet. If you’re a beginner and you really want a bird friend, you’ll have to study about friendly type of bird pets. Why friendly birds? Because building a bond with friendly birds is easier than with aggressive or timid birds.

Even though the entire bird pets must be treated carefully as individuals, you can minimize any aggression and biting risk simply by choosing bird species that has sociable and gentle demeanor. Besides, those bird pets might be safe for your kids.

Friendliest Type of Bird Pets

1. Budgerigar

Type of Bird : Budgerigar pic
Budgerigar ( Source : Pixabay )

Budgerigars or budgies or parakeets are famous in so many countries in the world. If you tame and care for budgies properly, they will be extraordinarily affectionate and friendly. Because of budgies’ body is small, they require low maintenance so you can save your time while taking care of them. Budgies also take training so well and are able to perform bird tricks like talking.

2. Cockatiel

Cockatiel Pictures
Cockatiel Pictures ( Source : Pixabay )

Next affectionate and friendly bird you can have is captivating cockatiel. These Australian birds will be excellent pets if you hand feed them since they’re little babies. You also have to raise them in house with positive environments. Many cockatiels can learn how to whistle and mimic the noises of common household such as microwaves, telephones, and doorbells sound.

3. Cockatoo

Cockatoo pic
Cockatoo pic ( Source : Pixabay )

This is a bigger bird pet that’s as affectionate and friendly as previous birds. However, cockatoos love spending as often time as possible with their owners to make strong bond. You will have to spend lots of time with cockatoos and socialize more with them. If they don’t get enough attention they need, cockatoos could be depressed and resort destructive behaviors like feather plucking.

4. Hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth macaw
Hyacinth macaw ( Source : Pixabay )

‘Gentle giants’ is another name of hyacinth macaw. Compared to previous pet birds, this one is the biggest. Hyacinth macaw is friendly and sociable birds that would appreciate owners who love spending time cuddling and playing with them. The size of this bird becomes problem for some people since hyacinth macaw needs bigger house. But your effort gives you best furry friend ever.

5. Hahn’s macaw

Hahn’s macaw
Hahn’s macaw ( Source : macawland )

Hahn’s macaws that come from south America are smallest macaws. However, they come with many personalities. Hahn’s macaws are playful and intelligent and gentle if you socialize and handle them properly. Just like hyacinth macaws, Hahn’s macaws love spending time with you. They can be depressed when you ignore them. Teach them to talk so they won’t be noisy.

6. Severe macaw

Severe macaw
Severe macaw ( Source : Petguide )

This type of bird pets is categorized in mini macaws but severe macaw is the biggest one compared to other mini macaws. People love severe macaws because these little birds can mimic speech more easily than other birds that can talk. Just like many other macaws, severe macaw are great in singing songs snippets and learning some short phrases.

7. Parrot

Parrot ( Source : parenting.firstcry )

Having small body makes parrot easy to maintenance. Parrot is also spunky and has beautiful personality. If you consider having parrot, make sure you have bunch of time so you can socialize and play with them since parrots can be wild if they get no regular handling. If you could interact with them every day, you can form stronger bond and your parrots would love you so much.

8. Lovebird

Green Lovebird
Green Lovebird ( Source : Pixabay )

Do you want a friend that will be your lifetime companion? Lovebird is what you need. Lovebirds don’t like bond breaking so they are loyal to their partners. And their partners don’t only mean another lovebird but also human. Lovebird really love bathing. If you decide to get one or two of them, make sure you provide enough water in big bowl every twice a week so they can play there.

9. Finch

Finch ( Source : Zooloverz )

When dealing with finch, you have to be really gentle since finches are fragile birds. If you want a pet that needs less petting, finches could be your best friend since they are hands off bird pets. Just make sure you can give them enclosure that’s large enough for them so your finches can exercise also enjoy pleasant peeps and chirps every single day.

10. Canary

Canary ( Source : Pixabay )

Canary is still related to finch. No wonder that canary also don’t love being handled. Canaries allow you to house them alone or with their partner. Do not use one house for several male canaries since they will fight. Provide cage that’s roomy so your canaries could fly everywhere for their exercise. Also fill the cage with some cute bird toys in order to entertain your furry friends.

11. Dove

Dove ( Source : Zooloverz )

Doves are able to entertain themselves. But they also love spending time together with their human. Doves that are gentle and quite need few hours to socialize and play with you outside the cage. Yet, they really love hanging out inside the cage as well. Make sure that your doves live in a special cage that’s spacious enough so they can do exercises to keep them happy and healthy.

What Kind of Pet Bird Should I Get?

Those are friendly type of bird pets new bird lovers can consider. There’s actually one more unique bird pet that’s so beautiful. It is called crimson rosella. The length of this bird is between 10 and 14 inches. Crimson rosella’s weight is just around 5 ounces. This bird has red feather with blue patches on its tail, wings, also face. The back is highlighted with black feathers.

Female crimson rosella looks even more beautiful since she has green feather on the tail. Unfortunately, if you have no experience with bird pets, you shouldn’t get this bird as your pet since crimson rosella cannot be tamed easily. You have to handle this bird correctly on daily basis. If not, crimson rosella won’t be friendly with your beloved family.

The adolescence crimson rosella is nippy. They’re also curious and intelligent. If you don’t keep your crimson rosella in area that’s safe for birds, they might cause some trouble. Pick one between the eleven birds listed above instead of the last one mentioned here.


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