5 types of birds most beautiful and attractive in the world

Zooloverz.com. Our earth is endowed with a variety of beautiful and attractive bird species. They play an important role in the ecosystem and make our earth a wonderful place. There are a variety of beautiful and charming birds on this earth. So, which one is the most beautiful? Reporting from various sources, here are among them!

Most beautiful birds in the world

Indeed, there are not a few types of birds that have a beautiful and charming appearance, but here are only explained a few birds that have their own values ​​and features that you need to know.

Five Kinds of Beautiful And Charming Birds

1. Flamingo

5 types of birds most beautiful and attractive in the world

The flamingo is a type of bird with long leg-shaped characters. This bird is also in general

live by the cluster method. With the character of a neck that looks like an ‘S’ graph, flamingos are also known as birds with beautiful shapes and dispositions. The beauty of this flamingo doesn’t need us to doubt. Not to confuse, statues of this bird are often used to decorate the backyard of the house so that it looks more attractive because flamingos are indeed icons of beauty and beauty.

Birds that are listed as the national bird species of the Bahamas, the spread of this bird is quite large, you can find it easily in various areas of Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America, North America to South America.

2. Golden Pheasant

5 types of birds most beautiful and attractive in the world

The Golden Pheasant is a charming bird from China, another Chinese name. The Golden Pheasant is one of the most popular bird types among the entire genus of pheasants. This bird is also known to be like a refined chicken from China, this bird can soar up to 8 m. The golden pheasant has such fine fur and not a few people are willing to keep it.

This bird was originally encountered in the land area of ​​China, therefore people generally call it the Hong Chicken title. This ornamental chicken or golden pheasant has a tail length of approximately one-third of its body.

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3. Tucan bird

Tucan bird

Most of them live in the forests of Central and South America. Tukan lives on small clusters of plant shoots. This bird looks closer to a hornbill, but has a different family.

The distinctive characteristic of the taucan bird is that it has a distance of between 30 to 61 centimeters. Vise and fur are usually patterned red, orange, blue, yellow, and dark. In fact, the big tukan bird vise is hollow and light.

4. Macau Red

Macau Red

This macaw bird is a genus of birds native to mainland America, to be precise in South America in the Amazon forest. There are thousands of genus of macaws, especially by the Indians as a symbol or icon by some people in America in ancient times.

But there is no reason to own this bird because this bird is very expensive. There are close to 3 types of macaws that are often found, such as: Grend Winged Macaw, Blue Gold Macaw, Scarlet Macaw.

5. Peacock (Merak)

Peacock (Merak)

Peacocks originated from Asian land such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Burma, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Central Africa. Its habitat is living in tropical areas and wild nature such as forests which are located in small fields and close to the base of flowing water. Especially in Indonesia, the environment of the Peacock genus can be found in the eastern part of Java.

The peacock has some of the characteristics that make it one of the most beautiful geese families on earth. Part of its popular beauty can be seen from some of the distinctive characteristics that such as the fur pattern and the shape of the crown.

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