7 Serious Sign Cat Is Dying and What You Can Do for Him

Zooloverz – When you’re reading the signs below, you’re hoping that there’s no one is shown by your cat. We don’t want to lose anyone, not even our pet. They’re our best friends, they never leave us when others do. So, when it is time for them to go, we can never be ready. However, we all have to prepare so here come some sign cat is dying. Stay close to your cat pet if you start seeing these signs on him.

Sign Cat

Sign Cat Is Dying from Old Age

1. Feel your pet cat’s heartbeat

One sign of a dying cat is the heart rate that’s going lower. It shows you that your cat is getting weaker. Healthy heart rate of cat is around 140 to 220 bpm (beats per minute). How to feel the heart rate of a cat? Hold your cat on his left side, behind the front log. use smartphone or stopwatch to count heartbeats in fifteen seconds. Then multiply that number you get by four.

The result is the heart rate of your cat. Make sure that your cat’s bpm shows that he’s in normal level instead of below normal. If it is below normal, the time is probably getting closer.

2. Watch the way your cat breathes

Healthy cat will take twenty to thirty breaths every minute. When the heart of your cat becomes weaker, his lungs won’t operate effectively so the oxygen that will be pumped into your cat’s bloodstream will be lower. The result is your cat will struggle to get oxygen and cause a rapid breathing. Then the breathing becomes labored and slow while his lungs are filled with fluid.

Sit next to your beloved friend then listen quietly when he is breathing. Pay attention to the abdomen of your cat when he takes every breath. Count the breaths your cat takes in a minute using smartphone or stopwatch. If your cat breathes heavily and rapidly or he just takes little breaths, you might have to get ready to let him go.

3. Check the temperature of your furry friend

If a cat is healthy, his temperature will be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. When a cat’s heart is getting weaker, his body temperature will drop under 100. Take a thermometer and start checking his temperature. Use ear thermometer or the digital rectal one. If there’s no thermometer, you can just feel the paws of your best buddy.

Your cat is dying if he has cool paws. The cool paws are sign that your cat’s heart working truly slowly. If the cool paws come with previous signs, your cat probably can’t stay longer.

4. Pay attention to the food and drink of your cat

Cats usually stop drinking and eating near their end days. Check if the dishes of your cat are untouched by your pet. Anorexia signs like loose skin, sunken eyes, and losing weight could also be sign cat is dying. Also check your pet’s waste. If he doesn’t drink and eat anymore, his urine will be darker and output will be lower.

Weakened cats also have less and even no control of bowels and urinary tract. If your cat knows where he must waste but then you figure out there are some accidents in the house, don’t get mad. He is maybe dying.

5. Stay close and see if he starts having odor

When cat’s dying, his organs will start shutting down. Then the toxins will gather in his body. Those toxins create bad smell. Because your precious cat now cannot eliminate the toxins, his body and breath will have foul odor. The odor will even become worse.

6. Dying cat wants to be alone

Dying wild cat understands that he is vulnerable to be attacked by predators. That’s why he’ll look for place to die in peace. The same thing will happen to pet cat. If your cat is hiding outside, under your furniture, and in any room, he probably is getting closer to his end. However, some dying cats would like to stay with their owner or fellow cats. Just watch the previous signs.

7. Bring your furry pal to vet

So, you have seen all those signs in your cat. That’s it, it is the end. No, it is not. Bring your cat immediately to vet. Those signs can also be signs of serous illness. And the illness can be totally cured if your cat gets proper treatments. Chronic kidney for example, is a disease that the symptoms are similar to death signs. Proper intervention can help adding few more years to your cat’s life.

Urinary disease, diabetes, and cancer also some health problems that the symptoms are like the signs above. Those diseases can be cured so don’t lose your hope.

Cat Is Dying What to Do

However, if the doctor said your cat doesn’t have serious health problem and those signs mean you have to let your cat go, is there anything you can do? Yes, make your best friend feel comfortable.

  1. Ask vet about the treatment your cat needs. Your vet might give your prescription that helps your cat’s pain or salve that will help dressing wounds, or equipment that will help your cat drinks and eats.
  2. Give him a cozy place to rest. If your cat cannot move around, he’ll spend his days in the bed. add some more soft blankets to the cat’s favorite place. Keep that place clean at all times. Wash those blankets using hot water every few days. avoid perfumed detergent to wash the blankets since detergent may cause irritation to cats.

I know it is truly hard for you to see your cat showing sign cat is dying. But it is even harder for your pet. Some people would choose euthanasia to stop the suffer of their pet cat. But this option is in your hand. You sure can let your cat dies at home naturally. But if he is truly suffering, euthanasia doesn’t make you a bad partner. You help him ending his life peacefully instead of letting him suffering longer.


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