Beautiful Snake With Beautiful Colors in the World 2021

Beautiful Snake. For some people, snakes are scary animals. They are feared because they are considered dangerous and have a terrible appearance.

Elegant gestures, mysterious aura, and various exotic motifs make snakes even more loved as unique, quirky, and attractive pets. Despite the danger that envelops them, snakes have a special charm that is unmatched by other animals.

Beautiful snake with beautiful colors and patterns

However, it turns out that there are also snakes that look beautiful and graceful. Do not believe?

Here is a list of seven snakes with the most beautiful skin.

1. Snake Regal Ringneck
Beautiful Snake With Beautiful Colors in the World
Snake Regal Ringneck

This ring-necked snake with the scientific name Diadophis punctatus is a species of cholubrid found in most of the United States, central Mexico and southeastern Canada. THis trademark is to have a “ring” around his neck.

The color is very striking because from the middle to the tail is reddish orange. Uniquely, it will wrap around its tail when it feels threatened.

2. Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Rainbow Boa)
Beautiful Snake With Beautiful Colors in the World
Brazilian Rainbow Boa

The name “Rainbow” in this reptile refers to its shiny scales. These Boa Pelangi scales are red-orange in color with black hues followed by a beautiful rainbow flash.

This exotic animal is much sought after for its beauty. However, uncontrolled hunting and destruction of rainforests reduced their population.

3. Green Tree Snake
Green Tree Snake

With the scientific name Dendrelaphis punctulata this is a snake that is “good” or not venomous. Color characteristics vary.

The upper body is usually green, bluish green, and dull green. The stomach is bright yellow. Habitat for living in trees and shrubs.

4. San Francisco Garter Snake
Beautiful Snake With Beautiful Colors in the World
San Francisco Garter Snake

As the name suggests, the San Francisco Garter is a snake from San Francisco. With the scientific name Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia, it is often referred to as the most beautiful species in the United States.

Its striking features are an orange head, slender body, turquoise, and thick stripes. The habitat of this snake is on the slopes of the mountains where there are lots of grass and rocks.

his species is not poisonous, but unfortunately it is endangered

5. Pilippine cobra
5. Pilippine cobra
Pilippine cobra

Many people say the cobra is scary, but that is not entirely true. Yes, if you can, the cobra with the scientific name Naja philippinensis is indeed very deadly.

Although deadly, the appearance of this cobra from the Philippines is very interesting. The combination of the yellow-black color on its striking body, indicates it is not an ordinary reptile.

6. High Yellow Green Tree Python
6. High Yellow Green Tree Python
Green Tree Python (Juvenile Yellow Phase) Hunting in Rainforest Tree

Classified as medium, high yellow green tree python can grow up to 1.2-2.1 meters. This beautiful snake inhabits Kofiau Island, West Papua, and survives by preying on small mammals and reptiles.

Meanwhile, their relatives, green tree python, can be found in most parts of Indonesia, New Guinea, and parts of Queensland, Australia.

7. Bush Viper (African Bush)
Bush Viper
Bush Viper

Let’s say hello to this deadly little friend! This snake, which is in the same family as rattlesnakes, has a tiny body.

Its distinctive feature is its beautiful spiny scales with large eyes. They are often found on shrubs and trees.

8. Malayan Blue Coral Snake
Malayan Blue Coral Snake (Big Chili Snake)
Malayan Blue Coral Snake

TThis is a snake native to Southeast Asia. The head shape is small and red is very eye catching, combined with a very exotic body wrapped in blue and black.

However, don’t underestimate this beauty, because she has a very deadly poison.

Those are 7 snakes that have “beauty” in their scales and skin. How were Zooloverz friends interested in including these exotic animals?

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