Watch for signs the cats is angry with you

Watch for signs the cats is angry with you. Even though they can’t express what they feel, cats are one of those creatures that are good at communicating. Several previous studies have proven this.

Cats is angry with you

Cats can use several parts of their body to express their feelings, including anger. They will show it by sound, tail movement, wink, and even by their fur.

So that you better understand this, let’s recognize the following signs that the cat is angry with you. Remember, yes, so you don’t get scratched later!

A sign when a cats is angry

A sign when a cats is angry
cats is angry
1. Ears become flatter

The first sign you can notice of an angry cat is cat ears. Not only does it function to pick up sound, this part of the body can also show mood.

When they are happy or feel nothing, their ears will straighten up and face forward.

But when they are angry, they will move their ears so that they become flat and level with their heads. That means they are ready to attack you, you know.

2. They growl

Often times, they’ll growl as they look at you. In addition, cats also make a hissing or hoarse sound when irritated.

Some cats also meow when angry. However, the sound produced was different from usual. The tone will sound even more fierce and as if they are protesting.

These sounds are the cat’s universal language for saying “go!” or “leave me alone!”.

3. Standby tail movement

Cat tails are more expressive than you think, you know. They also used to show their anger through this part of their body. Then how do you recognize it?

Reported by iHeartCats, when the mood is bad, the cat’s tail will wag quickly and lifted low. Furthermore, when the mood turned angry, they would wag their tails back and forth at a constant rhythm.

4. Stay away from you

When you get angry with a friend or partner, you have to go to great lengths to make it out of your sight, right? The same thing is done by cats, you know.

When angry with you, they do their best to avoid you. Cats won’t want to be in the same room as you and protest when you approach them.

5. His eyes are full of vengeance

People say the eye is a part of the body that cannot lie. This expression also seems to apply to cats.

When angry, even if you don’t express it outright, your cat’s eyes will look different.

They will look at you with fierce and vengeful eyes. Not everyone can understand it.

6. The cat’s fur will stand up

For this one, you must be familiar. When bullied and threatened, the cat will make the hair all over its body stand up.

They do this while arching their backs, as if ready to attack at any moment.

Reported by Reader’s Digest, the purpose of cats doing this is to make their bodies appear bigger. That way, your opponent (in this case you) will feel intimidated and afraid of him.

7. Hit your hand

If you are brave and want to determine whether the cat is really angry or not, try petting it or touching its body. The angry cat will hit your hand.

If this was the case, they could rest assured that they really didn’t want to be bothered. This is your signal to leave it alone.

Well, those are zooloverz 7 friends, signs of an angry cat. Don’t try to come near or touch it if you don’t want to get scratched by the claw!

Migg Belz

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