Cause your beautiful cat runs away from the house

Cat runs away from the house. As animals with high curiosity, cats often go away from home. Often they just wandered around the compound, hunting, greeting others and returning when they were hungry. But in some cases, the cat really doesn’t return home. This also makes the owners wonder.

The cat runs away from the house

Is the cat unhappy at home? Or the food that is given is not good? Have they found a new ‘master’? They weren’t hurt, right?

These thoughts certainly come to worried cat owners. However, it turns out that there are several common reasons that cause to run away from home.

Some of them are factors that you have no control over. Check out the following reviews cat runs away from the house!

1. Purpose of hunting

Cause your beautiful cat runs away from the house

Cats were once animals that lived in the wild. Even though they were domesticated as pets, they still inherited their instincts from their ancestors. One of them is for hunting.

These instincts encourage him to seek prey around your house. Whether it’s rats, birds, or even insects. Not infrequently, they become complacent while hunting until they don’t realize that they have walked far from home for a long time.

2. Reproductive needs

Cause your beautiful cat runs away from the house

The most common reason for fleeing cats is that they want to fulfill their reproductive needs. When entering a period of lust, these animals will look for the opposite sex. Its sharp senses can detect where other cats are.

Finding a reproductive partner is not an easy thing. They will walk far away if they don’t find other cats around the house. That’s why cats can “disappear” for days or even months.

3. Territorial instinct drives him to leave

Territorial instinct drives him to leave

Just like hunting, cats also have high territorial instincts thanks to the legacy of their ancestors. This makes them mark everything in their environment. Starting from the house, garden, chairs, and even you.

This trait is often made worse when there are many stray cats around the house. They try to seize the territory of ‘si meng’ so that he feels threatened. When this happens, your cat will try to mark areas further away from the house. Nor will he come home for days.

4. Cats have multiple identities

Cats have multiple identities

Can you imagine if a cat could double up on you? Although it rarely happens, this is very possible, you know. If they find another owner who provides them with more food, security, and affection, the cat will have a dual identity. He is your pet but on the other hand he also belongs to someone else.

In this case, the cat will initially go at certain hours to the second owner’s house. When bored, he will return to your house. But when you give him less food and attention, he will turn to the second house.

5. Feel more comfortable outside your home

Cause your beautiful cat runs away from the house

Try to remember, deh. Is there any particular action that has made your cat uncomfortable lately? These problems can be in the form of delays in feeding, our behavior that is too harsh on him, a noisy environment, and so on.

When cats feel uncomfortable at home, they will look for other places that are more suitable for them. Whether it’s in someone else’s house or roaming the streets as a feral cat.

6. There is a new animal in the house

There is a new animal in the house
The pretty girl embarcing cat and dog

Just like babies, cats will feel threatened by the arrival of other animals. Whether fellow cats, dogs, and so on. They need time to adapt and get to know the new family member.

Now you know the common reasons why cats run away from home.

So what should we do to prevent this? Here are some of them:

  • Avoid doing things that make the cat uncomfortable;
  • Pay extra attention to them when changes occur at home;
  • Give cats the attention they need.

Doing these things can minimize the risk of your cat running away. Hopefully Zooloverz and ‘Si Meng’ friends can live together longer!


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