Facts About Owls, Mysterious Animals Feared by Many People

Facts About Owls. You may have heard the owl’s voice, even if he never saw it in person. Compared to other birds that we can easily see everywhere, owls are more mysterious.

6 facts about owls

Apart from being more active at night, the appearance of an owl also has a frightening air, even in some places it is considered a symbol of death, how is that possible? Find the explanation too.

6 facts about owls
A closeup shot of a beautiful owl looking at the camera

1. Their head cannot pivot 360 degrees

Many people say that the ghost’s head can rotate 360 degrees. However, that is just a myth. Wikipedia Pages report, the Hantuck rotates its neck up to 135 degrees in either direction so that the head can rotate 270 degrees.

Will it hurt the owl? Go slowly. The adaptability of the bones, vessels with contract tanks and the vascular network of the ghosts allows them to rotate 270 degrees without having to feel pain.

2. Has tubular eyes

Apart from a head that can turn around, owls are also known as their big eyes. For some people, ghosts can be scary, especially if we see them at night.

However, different from other birds that have balloon-shaped eyes, owls have tubular eyes so that their eyes are arranged. Due to this shape, the owl has to turn around to look the other way.

3. Although, the glorious myopic owl

In addition to the unusual shape, owl eyes are designed for seeing in the dark. This eye shape also allows owls to see deep conditions. On the other hand, owls are terrible when you have to look closely at their prey.

During flight on approach, the prey will look like Owels. So, so that he can always catch his prey, the owl uses the tiny feathers on its beak and legs to sense its prey.

4. However, they have super hearing

Like most animals that hunt at night, owls have very sharp sensory hearing. They can hear sounds under the leaves, the ground, and even the snow. The owl can even hear the sound of a mouse walking on a 23 meter branch.

5. Facts About Owls: Owls can also turn into cannibals

Basically, owls are carnivores. Rats have strengthened preferred prey, or small insects and other mammals.

Nevertheless, it was not uncommon for owls to also make eagles or deer, even owls of various kinds. This mutually beneficial premustade habit later led to a decline in owl populations worldwide.

6. Facts About Owls: Become a symbol of victory and a sign of death

In ancient Greek belief, owls were a pet for Athena, the goddess Wisdom. Besides, Athena was a soldier. The owl itself is often used as a symbol of protection and victory.

No wonder many Greek soldiers thought that the existence of ghosts during the war was a symbol of victory. However, everyone doesn’t think owls are emergency animals.

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