Most Beautiful Rabbit: The Most Unique Rabbit in the World

Most Beautiful Rabbit. Rabbits are a type of animal that is a favorite of many people. Their cute appearance is the main attraction. Apart from that, they are also docile, quiet, and not too difficult to care for. No wonder so many people love and care for these animals.

Most Beautiful Rabbit and Unique Rabbit Species

Biologically, the rabbit itself is an animal from the Leporidae usually famous family for its long ears and jumping movements. They consist of about 29 species, and some of them are unique that you might not think.

Here are five rabbit species that are arguably the most unique because of their features.

1. Dwarf rabbits
Most Beautiful Rabbit: The Most Unique Rabbit in the World
Dwarf rabbits

While the smallest type in the world is the dwarf rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis). The Active Wild page states that this species is only 29.5 cm long and weighs a maximum of 500 grams. Apart from being small, this species is unique in having short round ears and short hind legs.

This species lives in the United States and is the only one in America to dig holes in the ground. They are never far from the hole, including when looking for food. Due to their short hind legs, dwarf species rarely jump. Usually they move by running with their body flat on the ground.

2. European rabbit
European rabbit
European rabbit

This type of Oryctolagus cuniculus is a species that originated from Europe but has spread throughout the world. Oryctolagus cuniculus was the forerunner of the domestic rabbit and all breeds belong to this species. The Planet Dwell page states that there are currently about 305 domestic breeds worldwide.

Due to its large size, this giant fleming was originally bred as a livestock for meat and fur. However, now they are more often used as pets. This breed is known to be very tame, earning the nickname the gentle giant.

3. The river rabbits
 The river
The river rabbit

Rabbits are famous for their many breeds. After giving birth, the mother rabbit can give birth to 1-12 babies. Since rabbits are only 25-28 days pregnant, they can give birth multiple times in 1 year.

Reported by Animal Diversity, they only give birth to one baby a year! This is unique but detrimental because the population is very small.

4. The volcano rabbits
The volcano rabbit
The volcano rabbit

While this type of species is very unique because it has an unusual habitat. Yes, the volcano rabbit (Romerolagus diazi) is endemic to Mexico that lives on the Chichinautzin Volcano, about 322 km from Mexico City.

Apart from their habitat, this rabbit is also unique because it is very vocal, unlike other rabbits which are very quiet. They can emit danger warning sounds and scream when startled.

5. Swamp rabbits

Like almost all types of mammals, rabbits can swim. However, they generally don’t like swimming, and even pets that are thrown in the water can go into shock to death. But the type of Sylvilagus aquaticus is very different. As the name implies, this species lives around swamps or other water sources and likes to swim.

Swamp rabbits do not swim for food because they forage on land. However, when chased by predators, these rabbits often jump into the water and swim away.

Here are five of the most unique rabbit species in the world. According to Zoolovers, which of you are the most unique?

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