Most Strange Bird in the world

Most Strange Bird in the world. Every living thing can never choose what to create to be. Including animals such as birds, they also come to this world in various shapes and forms. Because of the variety, some of them even have a very unique and strange appearance.

7 Most Strange Bird Appearances

Because of their uniqueness, you will surely think that they are not birds. Read through, if you want to know the strangest birds that have ever appeared in this world.

1. Andean Cock Of The Rock

Most Strange Bird in the world

Quoting Neotropical Birds, the Andean Cock Of The Rock is the national bird belonging to Peru. They are commonly found in tropical areas such as rainforests where they usually make their cages. With this strange stature, the Andean Cock Of The Rock is very easy to find.

How could I not, just look at his appearance, very much like a chicken, right? Moreover, the color of the head is orange, so bright that in certain areas this bird is very striking to be seen immediately.

2. Magnificent Frigatebird

Most Strange Bird in the world

This bird is quite strange because it has a beak and a very large sac. Just see when it is flying, this frigate looks as if it is carrying something very heavy in red, even though it is part of their body.

Despite his extraordinary and unique appearance, his behavior is nothing compared to it, according to Popular Mechanics. You’ll often find them making other birds regurgitate their food, so these birds can pick it up to eat.

3. Most Strange Bird – Shoebill Stork

Most Strange Bird in the world

This strange bird is called the Shoebill Stork. Try to pay attention to the beak, it looks like a shoe made of wood, right? Amazingly, the beak of this bird has muscles and strong jaws so it is very tough.

Since this bird has a tough jaw, it is tough enough to eat its prey. You see, the Shoebill Stork generally eats reptiles, fish, and even smaller birds.

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4. Ribbon Tailed Astrapia

Ribbon Tailed Astrapia

If you come across a bird with a very long tail, congrats, you’ve found the Ribbon Tailed Astrapia. Because of this very long tail, the Ribbon Tailed Astrapia, specifically the male, is one of the strangest birds ever.

However, the presence of this tail is not without reason. The reason is, this long tail is used by male Ribbon Tailed Astrapia to attract the hearts of female birds. The funny thing is, they often get caught in their own tail.

5. Most Strange Bird – California Condor

California Condor

Once extinct, the California Condor bird is back thanks to extensive conservation efforts. This bird is unique because its head is not equipped with feathers, even though its entire body is covered with black feathers.

Not only that, he can also change the color of his scalp to another color. This is a form of the California Condor bird’s response to the environment it is in.

6. Most Strange Bird – Tawny Frogmouth

Tawny Frogmouth

The mouth is really big, huh? Yes, the Tawny Frogmouth was created with a mouth like that because this bird is classified as a carnivore. Like mice and lizards, these are the 2 main animals that become easy targets.

Another strategy is to open its mouth and let the insects come to this bird. Usually, you can find this bird easily in Australia. They used to live in local trees.

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Now, there are some strange birds and their appearance that have come to this world. Have you met one of them?


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