Nine Secrets You Must Know About How to Pet a Dog

Nine Secrets You Must Know About How to Pet a Dog – I live with a dog and her five puppies and they always make me smile every single day. I’m pretty sure your little furry baby also makes you happy. But the question is, do you make him happy too? Dogs are human’s best buddy that God created to comfort us. Since you adopt one, you actually also have a responsibility to comfort him too. That’s why you have to learn about how to pet a dog in proper ways.

Petting your own dog and someone else’s dog is totally different. You’ll see how you can comfort your own dog and how you can try petting a stranger’s cute dog you just met at the park. First of all, since you have your own little puppy, it is time to see if you know how to make him happy every time.

How to Look After a Pet Dog

No matter how long you have been living with your pet dog, you might still have to learn the right ways in petting him. Lucky you, we have some secrets you need to know down here.

1. Learn the sweet spots of your own dog

Every dog has his own sweet spot. Some would love belly rubs and the others enjoy legs massages the most. Watch the body language of your dog and try to find the areas he enjoys the most. Relaxed muscles, wagging tails, as well as whining soon as you stop petting show you that you have found the right petting spot. Next time, always pet him in his sweet spots.

2. Be careful about belly rubs

Though your dogs love belly rubs so bad, there might be times he doesn’t want this petting kind. Sometimes, when dogs are lying on their back, they might be scared or try t appease anyone instead of asking for you to pet them. Avoid belly rubs if your dog looks unhappy, tense, or nervous. When you pet him on another spot and he enjoys it, he’ll give you his belly to pet. Just wait for it.

3. Teaching children to handle your dog correctly

Dog can be nervous with kids around since kids might be clumsy when petting your dog. Teach your kids to avoid hugging, kissing, or grabbing the dog since clumsy actions like them would stress your dog then make him bite the kids. Your children should also know that they aren’t allowed to pull the tail of your dog and throw anything at your dog. This simple thing makes your puppy happy.

4. Dogs love massage the way we do

Once a week, you need to spend 10 to 15 minutes rubbing your dog from his head to his tail. Use the circular motion while covering your dog’s face, chin, and also chest. Then go to top of neck, shoulder, back, and tail. This helps keeping your dog relax and also shows you normal ‘bumps’ that have been there at all times and ones that just developed and are health problem’s signs.

5. How to pet a dog’s paws

If your dog doesn’t let you do this, you might leave this area. But do your best to pick up his paws safely then rub them gently in order to improve his circulation also to locate sharp objects or grit that hurt your dog. If you find paws’ pads that are dry and cracked, you might need to ask your vet to give him moisturizer. If you’re used to massage his paws, you’ll do nail trimming easily later.

6. Massaging puppies’ mouth area

Seriously? Mouth? Yep! Start doing this to your cute little puppy. Mouth massages make your teething puppy feels great. Mouth massages will also make your puppy allows you to handle their mouth later. This means you can do the dental work much more easily later. Rub your puppy’s jaw and cheeks gently in circular pattern. Always repeat that step every time you’re petting your puppy.

How to Pet a Dog You Just Met

Don’t you think that guy’s retriever is so cute? Why don’t you try petting her? Who knows she’ll like you and let you get along with her owner? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how.

1. Ask that guy for permission so you can pet the dog

Even the friendliest retriever might be dangerous to stranger. Once the owner allows you to pet his dog, you can ask him where she loves you to pet her. You might have learned how to pet all dogs, but that owner tells you a special instruction to pet his own dog. Don’t ask, just follow his instructions. He knows his dog best and he’ll help you make his dog loves you too.

2. Watch if she shows discomfort or aggression signs

Aggression signs are including barking, tail that stands straight up, growling, raised hackles, and body that’s held in rigid position. While signs of anxiety, discomfort, and fear are including lip licking, avoiding any eye contact, yawning, pulling ears back, holding tail low, and showing whites eyes. Stop staring into dog’s eyes since it is sign that you are going to fight her. If you see the signs, stop.

3. The right gesture to invite her to approach

Squat down closer until you reach her level. If the dog is more confident, she’ll just let you to bend over slightly. Don’t forget to introduce yourself. Remember that dogs’ introduction is sniffing each other. Hold out your hand’s back to dog’s snout. When she sniffs your hand, she will calm down. If the dog is aggressive, you should never squat. Keep standing in order to defend if there’s attack.

Always keep the things above in your mind before you start petting anyone’s dog. And if you have your own dog, remember that he is part of your family. You absolutely have to treat him like a family. Hope everything you have learned about how to pet a dog above can help you building better relationship between you and your furry best buddy. Try those steps and see how your dog takes them.


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