Scottish Fold cats: characteristics of Scottish cats are beautiful in the World

Scottish Fold cats. The Scottish fold cat may be a medium sized cat with a really round face. This cat gets its name from the physical characteristics of its country of origin. Fold (folded) refers to the condition of the ears which usually fold forward and royal, Scottish/Scottish a rustic in Great Britain. So it are often interpreted as a folded ear cat from Scotland.

Having a Scottish cat may be a dream of the many people due to its cute and adorable shape. the individuality of the Scottish face reminds us of the impression of a teddy or owl. Take a glance at the image of a Scottish cat below and compare it with the face of an owl or teddy .

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Getting to know the important Scottish Fold cats

Scottish Fold cats: characteristics of Scottish cats are beautiful in the World


So that we avoid naughty sellers who claim to sell Scottish cats, we must be observant in recognizing the characteristics of these cats.. We obviously don’t need to waste our money on fake cats, so here’s a guide to recognizing Scottish physical characteristics for beginners:


A medium sized Scottish cat with a large build but still a medium size. for his or her own weight, male cats usually weigh quite 5 kg, while females are between 3 and 5 kg.


Recognizing the Scottish is sort of easy, namely by the characteristics of the ears and head. Overall the top of this cat is round with the ears folded in order that it’s sort of a round face cat. The eyes also are round, bright and clean.


The Scottish cat’s paws also are round in shape and about an equivalent length as its tail. The leg hair is additionally full but not too dense either. This condition is useful for us because it doesn’t require much maintenance on the leg hair.


The Scottish fold cat’s fur isn’t too dense but enough to hide its limbs. But there also are those that have long hair which in fact requires many our attention. Characteristics of straight fur with varying colors starting from white, blue, beige, cameo, purple, black, and brown. The patterns on the fur are often solid, tabby, tricolor, bicolor, smoke, shaded spots and spots.


From various references this cat can live between 9 and 12 years. The age of this cat certainly depends on the care and nutrition it gets. the higher the care is probably going the longer the cat’s life.

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KIND OF Scottish Fold cats

There are two sorts of Scottish cats that we will make as pet cats reception . Both of them are distinguished by their unique and second to none ear conditions. Here are the differences:

Folded ear
Folded ear
Folded ear

Folded ear, may be a Scottish that does have ears that fold forward and face down. Usually, once they are adults, this cat will indeed have folded ears because it’s the results of a spontaneous point mutation .

Straight ear

Straight ear may be a Scottish ear which has normal ears like other sorts of cats, the ears are unfolded. it’s common for Scottish kittens to experience this, and that they seem less desirable as Scottish cats due to losing their unique characteristics.

ADOPTION OF THE Scottish Fold cats

To adopt this cat, we will find a trusted and authorized breeder. do not forget listening to each physical trait that a Scottish cat has. ranging from the form of the face, face, ears, hair and characteristics.

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