The 5 most dangerous lizard species in the world

most dangerous lizard. Lizards are included in a group of reptile animals that are very easy to find in the wild. Overall, lizards have more than 6,000 species distributed in several regions of the world except Antarctica.

Most Dangerous Lizard Species

Of the many species of lizards that have been identified by scientists, there are some of the most dangerous types of lizards because they can threaten human life.

It is known for its poisonous bite and attack of its tail and claws which paralyze its prey.

Here are the 5 most dangerous lizard species in the world, as reported by the Britanica and Mentalfloss pages, as follows:

1. Mexican beaded lizard

The Mexican bead lizard is a species of lizard that has a body size that is quite large, reaching 80 centimeters.

Reporting from the Britannica page, most of these lizard species have native habitats on the Pacific coast of Mexico, from the Silanoa region to the borders of Mexico and Guatemala.

Mexican beaded lizards are famous for their very strong bite. These animals will usually lock the jaws of their prey by using their teeth which also function to channel poison.

Although very painful, the venom released by the Mexican Bead Lizard does not cause death to humans.

2. Gila monsters

The 5 most dangerous lizard species in the world

The mad monster has a smaller body size when compared to the Mexican Bead Lizard.

However, this lizard species has a very strong level of poison that can even kill humans.

In terms of appearance, the mad monster had a large head and muscular jaws which enabled it to bite its prey very strongly and then drain its venom into its bite marks.

The mad monster population is widespread in several regions of America including California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

3. Crocodile monitors

Crocodile monitors

The crocodile monitor is a species of lizard found only on the island of New Guinea. Most of them prefer to live in lowlands such as coastal areas.

However, there are also some populations of lizard crocodiles that live in mountainous areas up to an altitude of 650 meters above sea level. Crocodile monitors have a large body size and a length of up to five meters from head to tail.

This animal is known for its very aggressive movements and can attack and injure humans.

4. Water monitors

Scattered in several countries in Asia such as the Bay of Bengal, Sri Lanka and the South China Sea region, the water lizard has a body length of 2.7 meters.

This species of lizard has a double forked tongue like a snake and often preys on a variety of small mammals, fish, insects and spiders.

The water monitor lizard has poison in its bite but is not very fatal to humans. In addition, this lizard also often attacks by using its tail and wagging claws when attacking an opponent.

5. Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon

The Komodo dragon is the largest and deadliest type of lizard in the world. Reporting from the Mentalfloss page, Komodo dragons can run and swim very fast while hunting their prey.

This animal is known for its strong and poisonous bite that can paralyze and provide excruciating pain.

The prey bitten by the Komodo dragon will lose a lot of blood and suffer from an infection due to bacteria in its saliva.

Komodo dragons are cannibals where they will eat other Komodo dragons when starving.

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Well, those are some of the most dangerous lizard species in the world that have poison and attacks that can threaten human life.

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