This is the Largest Dog Breed in the World

Largest Dog. If someone asks, what animal has a big body? The elephant must be first, followed by the bear, then the tiger second and third. Indeed, these three animals have large bodies, even bigger than humans.

Largest Dog Breeds

But not only the three animals are jumbo. It turns out that dog-like animals can also grow into terrible giants, you know! Reporting from,

here are the six largest dog breeds in the world. Interested in saving it?

1. Anatolian Shepherd

This is the Largest Dog Breed in the World

At first glance the Anatolian Shepherd looks terrifying. How not, this breed of dog from Turkey has a height that can reach 73 cm and weigh up to 68 kg, with a large round head.

Now, Anatolian Shepherds can be very grumpy with strangers they don’t know, but to their employers and family members this dog is very affectionate and protective. Apart from these two traits, they are also very intelligent, and loyal to their masters.

It’s no wonder that many Turks in the past used Anatolian Shepherds to raise their livestock.

2. Newfoundland
This is the Largest Dog Breed in the World

Slightly larger than the Anatolian Shepherd, Newfoundland is between 68 and 73 cm tall, with a maximum weight of up to 70 kg. Unlike Anatolians, who always bark when faced with suspicious strangers, Newfoundland tends to be calmer.

But make no mistake, Newfoundland can also be a loyal, trainable, and protective guard. They are also friendly to children. However, due to its large size, parents should pay attention to Newfoundland when playing with children.

3. Leonberger
This is the Largest Dog Breed in the World

The Leonberger is a breed of dog native to Germany, precisely in the city of Leonberg. They are about 68 to 81 cm tall, and can weigh up to 75 kg. With big muscles, Leonberger is clearly very strong, smart, and also patient.

In the past, European aristocrats made this dog a pet. But they can also be employed as livestock keepers. Unfortunately, the Leonberger is not a dog that is suitable for beginners.

The reason is, they need special training and care, especially for their hair that falls out easily.

4. Irish wolf dog

Irish wolf dog

As the name implies, the Irish Wolfhound is a breed of native Irish dog. Given that it can reach 88 cm in height and weigh up to 85 kg, the Irish Wolfhound is often used for hunting, even participating in various wars.

Unlike other giant dogs, the Irish Wolfhound is not suitable as a guard. They bark less frequently and are less aggressive. Even though they have to get training, the Irish Wolfhound is a type of dog that is intelligent, patient, and of course loyal.

5 Neopolitan Mastiff
Neopolitan Mastiff

Just like the Irish Wolfhound, the Neopolitan Mastiff is also one of the ancient Roman dog breeds that was often involved in warfare.

If you look at his height which reaches 76 cm and weighs up to 90 kg, it is not strange that the Romans chose him to fight the enemy.

And because of their large size, the Neopolitan Mastiff requires extra training from the experts. They are very intelligent, protective, and affectionate. This dog is also a dog that rarely barks, but is very sensitive to threats.

6. St. Bernard
St. Bernard

With a height that can reach 89 cm and a weight of 91 kg, St. Bernard is definitely not a cute, cuddly dog. Initially, St. Bernard is often used for rescue operations in the Alps. Now, this giant dog is often used as a pet.

Compared to other dogs, St. Bernard is a very calm and reserved type. Even so, raising this breed requires extra training. Without training, St. Bernard can cause a lot of trouble by breaking things in the house.

The good news is St. Bernard is friendly to children. However, because he was much stronger and bigger, parents still had to keep an eye on him while playing.

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Due to their large size, some of the above dogs are usually super expensive. They also need extra training before being allowed to stay at home.

So what, are you interested in not keeping one?

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