Types of Siamese Cat: 4 beautiful Siamese cats in the world

Types of Siamese Cats: Just like the Persian or Angora cat which got its name from the country / city of origin, the Siamese cat also got the name from the name of its country of origin, namely Siam or now it is more called Thailand.

This breed of cat has a long history and is interesting for us to debate because the Siamese hobbyist is none other than Persian and Angora hobbyists.

Thai people even believe that when a member of the royal family dies, this cat will receive the soul of the dead and in the end the cat will be placed in a temple as a kind of respect and can care for luxury until the rest of his life.

Knowing Dimensions And Characters Types of Siamese

Types of Siamese Cat: 4 beautiful Siamese cats in the world
Siamese Cat

Siamese cats, whose body shape and coat color have artistic and aesthetic value, easily embody their popularity.

The color match perfectly with the slim and hard body shape. Several types of cats that are descended from Siamese cats are the Himalayan cat, Burmese cat, Balinese cat, Ocicat to Javanese cat.

When viewed from the physical characteristics, this cat generally has large ears and striking colors. Her eyes are beautiful blue. Her short, slender posture has fine hair. The coat color is usually beige, brown, blue and has dark dots on the face, ears, legs and tail.

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Traditional Siamese paint is weakened into 3 types, namely classic, old style and Applehead. Therefore, I call them 4 different types because the characteristics and behavior of the four cats are very different.

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Here are four of the most beautiful and cute Siamese cats in the world


Types of Siamese Cat: 4 beautiful Siamese cats in the world

This cat gets its name from the shape of its head that resembles an apple. The Applehead Siamese cat has a large, stocky build. Initially they showed the strength of their muscles and large bodies, the type imported from Thailand.

Unfortunately, nowadays there are many Applehead cats circulating which are the result of interbreeding with shorthair so that we will find breeds that are slimmer but still have round faces and shorter body postures.


Types of Siamese Cat: 4 beautiful Siamese cats in the world

It’s actually a bit difficult to tell the difference between an Applehead and Old-style cat. 2 of them were very similar and identical, equally strong and well built, but the old style was smaller and slimmer than the applehead.

This cat also has facial features that are slightly more elongated with a shape that tends to be triangular. The nose is large with some less obvious features on the nose.

Apart from being almost similar to the applehead, the old model cat is also almost like the modern Siamese but the old style cat is more athletic than the modern one.


Siamese cats are not extreme and normal like old style traditional cats. This cat is probably a cat that has a clever body shape originating from Siam / Thailand. Athletic body shape with elongated body and tail. The head and ears are big round.

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This is referred to as the fashionable Siamese which has an extreme body shape, which may have a sharp triangular shape on the top and ears. This cat is usually a show cat because of its unique body shape, elongated but slender.

The tendency for a small head and larger ears to end in some cases of visible birth defects, even kittens are born with eyes on the side of the head.

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Those are 4 types of Siamese cats that you can choose from and keep at home. So make sure which Siamese cat you will keep.

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