What Is Best Food for Cats? Ten Answers Cat Lovers Must Know

What is best food for cats? Cat food of course! Yes, but is there human food that we can feed our cat with? We’re all used to share anything we eat with our furry friend. But you have to understand that this might be dangerous. Some human food can be really bad for cat. However, there are some of our foods that are also save for our pet cat. What are those foods? We’ll let you know in a minute.

Before you start giving the human foods listed down here to your pet cat, there’s one thing to remember. These foods are supposed to be supplements for your cats. You are not allowed to replace cat food with these foods. Give human foods only in moderation and always ask your vet for any guidance.

What is Best Food for Cats to Eat

When you’re eating these foods, you’re allowed to share a little with your pet cat. Just make sure that your cat also earns the nutrition he needs from cat food, whether dry or wet.

1. Meats

House cats, cheetahs, tigers, and lions are meat eaters. Your cat is obligate carnivore that is designed to gain nutrition not from carbs and vegetables but from meat. Meat’s protein helps cat to have healthy reproductive system, heart, and eyes. Just don’t feed your cat with meat that’s cooked with so many spices. Make sure that the meat doesn’t have bones and is well cooked.

2. Fish

Wet food for cat is fish based, so you’re allowed to feed your pet with fish. Most cat foods contain salmon that are good since they have omega-3 fatty acids to help giving health benefits. However, avoid feeding cat with raw fish since it might make your cat sick. Do not feed cat with canned fish straight from can. He will lick the can vigorously and might hurt his tongues.

3. Oatmeal

I was surprised as well at first. But it actually is a healthy food your cat can have. Well, just because oatmeal is healthy food your cat can eat, it doesn’t mean your pet cat will like this food. Though cats are better eating meat, you can give your cat some oatmeal as safe supplement for their regular diet if you figure out that your own cat like your oatmeal. Don’t push if he doesn’t like it.

4. Eggs

Cooked eggs will give lots of protein that’s good for your cat’s health. Eggs also contain vitamin B that is a healthy substance for felines. Unfortunately, some cats might be eggs allergic. Make sure you give him a little bit of egg and check if there’s allergic reaction. The eggs must be well cooked and have no shell traces before you feed your cat with.

5. Fish oil

This one is for those who doesn’t want to feed their furry buddy with fish. Fish oil would help keeping the skin of your cat from being dry. Fish oil is also able to give the cat a shiny and healthy coat. Add some drops of fish oil to your cat’s favorite dry food. He’ll love the taste.

6. Baby food

Baby food that’s meat based would be amazing solution for a cat that gets bored of his food or that’s recovering from sick. Canned baby food will also help your cat taking his medicine. But baby food must not become the regular cat’s diet part. Only use baby food when it is truly necessary. Check the canned food ingredients, make sure they don’t include onion and garlic.

7. Dairy products

Dairy products like milk and cheese contain high protein. Though your pet might love dairy products, these foods aren’t as good as meat. However, watch your cat when you give him a bit of dairy product. If your cat is lactose intolerant, he can’t process the dairy properly and might get sick. Lactose intolerant is showed by stomach upset. If it happens to your cat, stop the dairy.

8. Bread

Bread will give your cat some protein and fiber. Yet, avoid feeding your pet cat with white bread. Breads that have whole grain and whole wheat breads are the best supplement for cat. Even though bread gives him protein and fiber, it cannot be regular food. It must act only as supplemental treat you better give not so often.

9. Fresh fruits

Even though lots of cats don’t really like fruit, fresh fruits are actually healthy food for them. cantaloupe is the best fruit for cat since it contains high beta-carotene and antioxidants. Both substances are going to help keeping the eyes and skin of your cat healthy. Remove all seeds before feeding melon to your cat. Feed him with fruit in small amount since he is a carnivore.

10. Fresh vegetables

Vegetables are healthy for cats since they contain fiber and vitamins in huge amounts. Those substances will aid general digestion and health. unfortunately, most cats don’t love vegetables. If your cat likes veggies, let them eat steamed broccoli or asparagus, winter squash, baked carrots, chopped greens, and green beans. Wash those veggies first before giving them to pet cat.

What is Best Food for Cats You Can Make?

Interested to feed your pet with human foods above? Consider making a nice snack for your pet cat. Prepare a tablespoon of dry milk, three eggs, three tablespoons of cottage cheese, and two tablespoons of grated veggies. Mix milk powder together with water then add three eggs. Beat them well and pour it to frying pan. Cook the foods on medium heat until well cooked.

Flip over your cat’s pancake then spread grated veggies and cottage cheese on half of pancake’s surface. Fold the pancake and make it looks like omelet. Leave this snack to cool then cut it to some pieces in bite size so your cat can eat them easily.

Once more, the easy recipe above is just a snack. Your cat would get all the nutrients he needs only if he eats the cat food. Use those foods as treats only.


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