which one is smarter: the most beautiful cat or dog in the world

which one is smarter cat or dog? Rows of animals have been recognized by science as intelligent animals. Dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants and even pigs are all known for their intelligence.

Then what about human pets, dogs and cats, which one is smarter? For the record, they are one of the smartest and best-selling animals to keep at home.

which one is smarter among cats and dogs

Some people think dogs are smarter because they are easy to train and can follow their owner’s orders. Meanwhile, cats are considered to be ignorant and find it difficult to follow directions. Others consider cats to be emotional intelligence and can play around solving puzzles.

At first glance, many people might say that dogs are smarter. The reason is clear, dogs are easier to train to do many things that are beneficial to humans.

Is that thought correct? The following is the review.

Animal Intelligence Judging From the Number of Neurons in the Brain


According to a study published in Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, it is concluded that dogs may be the more intelligent species.

This is determined by how many neurons are present in the cerebral cortex in certain carnivorous and omnivorous species, such as the domestic dog, domestic cat, ferret, banded mongoose, lion, and brown bear.

So, what is the role and importance of neurons in animal intelligence? According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, neurons are a type of cell that receive and send messages from the body to the brain and back to the body. These nerve messages are sent by weak electric currents at the junctions called synapses.

Neurons are also the basic information processing unit. The more units found in the brain, the more cognitively capable the animal was.

So if we ask whether dogs are smarter than cats, we need to look at the differences in neurons in the brains of these two animal species.

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Dogs and Cats Have Different Intelligences

which one is smarter: the most beautiful cat or dog in the world
portrait of a purebred shetland dog and maine coon cat in front of white background

In terms of the loyalty and “intelligence” behind social relationships and bonds, dogs may be smarter. When it comes to hunting in the wild, then cats are smarter.

Remember. Cats don’t need their owners to have fun. Cats have the ability to think and act independently. Cats just wait for their owners to leave before doing anything.

What does he want to do.

In this analogy, the dog will see you as its master, but the cat will see you as its stick. This clearly shows that cats are smarter, because they are hiring rather than serving.

Cats can actually learn tricks like dogs, perhaps knowing more human words to communicate with their owners.

Dogs appear to be more intelligent when it comes to communication, because they learn what their owners want and do it. Though cats are different.

Cats have a special agenda and seem to require their owners to conform to the cat’s plans, not the other way around. In other words and without realizing it, you have to conform to a cat, not the other way around.

A cat’s aloofness and independence doesn’t mean it needs less medical care than a more vocal and caring dog.

Humans often assume that because cats are non-complaining and very independent, they don’t need to see a vet. In fact, a cat’s ability to hide disease makes a visit to the vet even more important.

Which is smarter?

which one is smarter: the most beautiful cat or dog in the world
cat and dog

This experiment shows that dogs look smarter because they are able to actively interact with humans, in contrast to cats that are still ‘independent’.

It stands to reason, because dogs have been successfully domesticated by humans about 20,000 years longer than cats. This makes them have better social skills than cats.

So are dogs smarter than cats? Each species has a different intelligence, depending on how the owner sees it. Most importantly, pets are always in good health.

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